Finnish Environment Institute - SYKE

The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is the main environmental research institute in Finland. The Marine Research Centre is the main marine research unit, with studies ranging from ecology and biogeochemistry to modelling and forecasting, including applied questions like the "Baltic Stern” analysis of costs & benefits of Baltic Sea protection.

The Centre provides scientific information on the state of the Baltic Sea, threats and impacts, and protection measures in the context of national and EU water policies. SYKE participates in several EU projects (including WISERIBAM and KnowSeas) dealing with policy implementation & integrating ecosystem approaches to managing human actions. SYKE's Freshwater and Environmental Policy Centres support development and implementation of policy measures and evaluate their efficiency.

SYKE’s role in Baltadapt

In Baltadapt, SYKE is contributing to the development of both the strategy and the action plan. SYKE is also providing input into the knowledge base and vulnerability assessment, especially in the framework of a working groups dealing with the coastal zone.


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