Dublin Climate Gathering

17–19 June 2013 | Dublin, Ireland

CG-logo-final-croppedThe Dublin Climate Gathering will bring together representatives from the worlds of technology, business, politics, and culture to work on building the clean economy – Plan C.
The purpose of this Dublin workshop is to answer the question, “how can we inspire support for a digital revolution which has a central role in delivering the new low carbon revolution?” We will work on the key civil society, political, economic and technological system changes that are needed to advance innovation in this new economy and society.

Plan C is a continuation of the work started at the first Climate Gathering which took place in the west of Ireland in February. One of the understandings at that meeting was that if we are to stop people going from the current point A to an unsustainable point B then we must offer them an alternative point C, following a new economic model which we are calling simply “Plan C”.
Conversations will take place in various locations in Dublin City, using Dublin’s role as an emerging digital capital of Europe to lend inspiration. Everyone will come to the event on an equal basis. Rather than top-down presentations we will use innovative facilitation techniques and ‘safe space’ dialogues to outline this Plan C in a creative and constructive way.
Dublin Climate Gathering is a collaboration between the Greens/European Free Alliance in the European Parliament and the Climate Gathering.


Read more at dublin.climategathering.org

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