Baltadapt Strategy for adaptation to climate change
in the Baltic Sea Region

The aim of the Baltadapt project was to formulate an outline of a Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region, as well as an accompanying Action Plan with recommended actions and proposed guidelines for climate change adaptation. These two documents are aiming to prepare the ground for a political endorsement of a Baltic Sea Region Strategy and Action Plan on Adaptation to Climate Change.

Mobilising joint action

Recognising that national and local adaptation strategies are the key instruments in most issues, a Baltic Sea Region climate change adaptation strategy should aim to be instrumental in mobilizing joint action in areas of work that require or significantly benefit from macro-regional cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region.
Consequently, the overriding aim of the Baltadapt strategy is a connected region with informed actors on all levels responding to climate change in a way that ensures prosperity, competiveness, as well as clean water, and rich and healthy wildlife. This calls for adaptation integrated with risk handling, and actions that promote resilience of environmental and societal systems.

Participatory development process

The development of the Baltadapt Strategy has been driven by a consultation process among relevant policy-makers and stakeholders during three policy fora (Berlin in April 2012, Stockholm in December 2012, and Tallinn in May 2013), stakeholder workshops on tourism (Warnemünde in May 2012) and agriculture (Norrköping in May 2012) and through consultations with DG Clima and DG Regio (June, 2011).

Launch of the Baltadapt Strategy and Action Plan

The Baltadapt Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region and its accompanying Action Plan were officially launched and presented during the Baltadapt Conference "Adatation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region" in Riga, Latvia, 3-4 September 2013. Learn more...

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