Baltadapt Action Plan

Recommended actions and proposed guidelines for climate change adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region

The overriding goal of the Baltadapt Action Plan is to promote the implementation of the Baltic Sea Region Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and to specify priority activities for the macro-region in the field of adaptation to climate change impacts. However, the implementation and sustainability of the Strategy and its Action Plan depend on subsequent political endorsement, which exceeds the mandate of the Baltadapt project.

While the aim of the Baltadapt Strategy is to tackle the lack of transnational co-operation and joint planning in using the Baltic Sea space, the specific objective of the Action Plan is to strengthen the capacity for adaptation action at all relevant levels and to enhance the adaptive capacity in the region. Adaptive capacity comprises a sound knowledge base, an exchange of information between possible actors, science and policy, the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation in other policy areas and includes cooperated activities between all actors in the Baltic Sea Region.

Launch of the Baltadapt Strategy and Action Plamn

The Baltadapt Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region and its accompanying Action Plan were officially launched and presented during the Baltadapt Conference "Adatation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region" in Riga, Latvia, 3-4 September 2013. Learn more...

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